Jessie Shannon, MSW, LMT, CMLDT
Therapeutic Massage and Energy Healing in Genoa & Ithaca, NY

Services and Rates

Cellular Expansion and Healing  This energy healing modality uses gentle touch and principles of resonance to connect with your body's cells.  The energy of connection, expansion, and open receptivity are hallmarks of this work.  Your cells can resonate at the most appropriate frequency for their purpose while experiencing connection with a higher energetic grid.  This work can be done through clothing.  Some clients feel as if their body is being bathed in golden light.

CranioSacral Therapy  The discovery of the craniosacral rhythm has become an effective way to systematically monitor and heal our bodies, using the cranial and sacral bones as movable anchors.  "As above, so below" is one way to explain the interconnectedness between the cranium and sacrum.  Tuning into this rhythm with gentle touch can allow for fascial unwinding.  This invites bodily and emotional unwinding, or "SomatoEmotional Release".  This work can be done while wearing loose clothing.

SomatoEmotional Release  Trauma of all kinds are released from the body using gentle touch and principles of CranioSacral Therapy, ultimately allowing for deep understanding and healing.  Bodily and emotional unwinding is a hallmark of this work and can be done while wearing loose clothing.

Hot Stone Therapy The sacred art of using stones for healing can be found in cultures all over the world.  Smooth basalt stones are high in iron concentration and hold heat evenly for long periods of time.  This heat is absorbed by the muscle belly allowing for relaxation without the use of pressure or force.  Stones are both placed on the body and applied in fluid motions.

Swedish Massage  Commonly known as "classic" massage, Swedish increases circulation by bringing blood and lymph back to the heart.  These strokes work beautifully for loosening tight and constricted fascia in our bodies.  Light to medium pressure strokes are the hallmark of this modality.

Deep Tissue Massage  "Connective tissue" or "fascia" is the substance surrounding everything in our body.  Fascia can become relaxed with finely tuned direction of pressure.  In addition, applying gentle pressure to trigger points can allow for entire muscles and muscle groups to relax.  A comfortable, heavy pressure is used for deep tissue massage.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle, effective form of bodywork that treats swelling and edema as a result of surgery, injury, or illness.  This rhythmic work boosts the immune system and allows for a decrease in pain all while allowing for an increase in cellular health.

Rates for sessions are 60 minutes/$90, 90 minutes/$120.  For any incorporation of hot stone please allow for an additional $20.  I also am happy to offer home visits for those who can not travel.  Prices for home visits are negotiable based on equipment, length of session, and distance.