Jessie Shannon, MSW, LMT, CMLDT
Therapeutic Massage and Energy Healing in Genoa & Ithaca, NY


Energy Healing * CranioSacral Therapy

Swedish * Hot Stone * Deep Tissue

Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

Jessie Shannon, MSW, LMT

End. Pain. Now.

What clients are saying about Jessie's therapeutic massage treatments:

"Jessie's touch is absolutely amazing.  She has helped me to work past some deep rooted things in my life.  I recommend her to anyone!!  Thank you again Jessie!!"  --K.R.

"I felt like new after and during my recent very relaxing one-hour deep tissue massage therapy with Jessie.  She really has a wonderful gift in the work that she does.  Thank you so much for the very beneficial massage therapy you provide!" --N.C.

"You will definitely walk out of there feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed!" --K.R.

"You have such a gentle, comforting touch.  I'm so glad I found someone I like, now I can stop looking!  You relieved a lot with my knees, it just soothed it right out." --R.R.B.

"Thank you Jessie for the wonderful massage.  She focused on my stressed out shoulder and made it feel better" --Judy F.

"I recently enjoyed an hour long deep tissue massage with Jessie.  It felt wonderful.  She puts a lot of effort into her work helping you to feel great.  I would book with her again." --C.W.

"Come and enjoy a massage with Jessie." --D.D.

"Great responsiveness to my needs.  Wonderfully gifted therapist.  Thank you."

Therapeutic massage and energy healing in a beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian home studio.  Offering CranioSacral therapy, manual lymph drainage, hot stone, deep tissue, Swedish, and energy healing for chronic or acute physical/emotional/spiritual concerns.